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My own two pennies about Thomas and Jimmy

(I am already used to the fact that Fellowes is in fact Moffat’s twin and they are the perfect Dark Lords to destroy my feels on a regular basis. Nonetheless I’ll scratch that from my mind for the following post, not thinking if it is something that Fellowes would write, but only judging from what I’ve seen so far and what I think is realistic.)

Here it goes But it contains some (confirmed) spoilers for future episodes. Don’t like, don’t read: Basic thought is that Jimmy is gay and probably breaking Thomas’ heart on purpose.

A) I think that Jimmy is gay. (Or at least bi. But not straight.) Why?

1. His look when Carson said that he must be popular among the ladies/ have a lot experience. (I don’t remember the exact words.) But it wasn’t the look of a man who is embarrassed, it’s hurt, uncomfortable and even sad. (Why? More on that later!)

2. Everyone is emphazising a bit too much how good looking he is, and how much the girls fancy him. This just screams for PLOT TWIST! You all think he’s a Don Juan, but he’s no-ho-hot!

3. I don’t remember if it was a spoiler or just a speculation from a newspaper, but I read that Thomas will have a "forbidden love affair" this season. And “affair” is not a one-way love, it implies mutual affection and acting. Let’s be honest, to let this affair be with anyone else than Jimmy wouldn’t make any sense, and not only because Thomas fancies him. There are just no other candidates, and we are already half way through the season. Also, after already three (attempted) love affairs gone horribly wrong, it is about time that Thomas gets some loving. If it ends well, is a different question.  This leads on to the next point:

4. He and Thomas had already quite a lot of eye-sex loving. Yes, Jimmy behaved nicely towards everyone so far, he could be just a very friendly, smart person. He probably even is, but I think there is more to that.

5. It has been said already that Thomas and O’Brien are getting more and more nastier to each other. It has also been said that 'at the end of the season we will ahve seen Thomas like never before; exposed as a gay man.'  But O’Brien -or whoever will be responsible for it- can’t just go to Cora or Robert without proof. If Thomas does have an affair with Jimmy, then maybe others downstairs will notice it, or at least that they behave very friendly towards each other.  Or I am just going to assume here that England’s legal system of the 1920’s is fine with bad-mouthing someone as homosexual as a valid proof. I think either way works.

B) What does this mean for the future episodes?

1. We have seen in the promo for 3x05 that Thomas is stupid enough to be not very subtle about his intentions. We have seen that Jimmy goes to O’Brien to ‘complain’ about Thomas 'getting too familiar. Please go away.'

   1.1 This is NOT a contradiction to the possibility that Jimmy is gay/bi. Judging from his face during his interview with Carson, I think he is gay/bi, but not comfortable with it. And sadly this even makes sense, because it was punishable by law, and it takes you away from living a “normal” life. (Aka “in that time normal”; getting married, children.) Probably Jimmy tries to go out with women etc. but is attracted to men. If you watch the promo for Season3 again and stop at the sequence where we see Daisy dancing, you clearly see it’s Jimmy. I’m not saying here that he’s trying to go out with her, I simply think that he has not -like Thomas- a “negative thinking” towards women.

   1.2 This also explains why he would go to O’Brien and tell him he feels uncomfortable around Thomas; he doesn’t want that anyone notices he is gay/bi, not even other gay men, because jimmy knows that it creates more problems than it offers chances at that time.

>He’s trying to do what’s expected from him, and that includes flirting and not trying to “give in” to his attraction towards men. 

2. Ed Speleers on the Telegraph: ”Jimmy is a very ambitious man. He’s vying for the position of first footman.”

   2.1 Yo! Why would he be so ambitious? YES, I KNOW SOME PEOPLE JUST ARE! I AM ONE OF THEM, KTHXBYE. But if he really is gay/bi, then it would just one more logical reason for him; Thomas is also ambitious,although he isn’t doing it really well. Society is looking down on homosexuality, thinking it makes people less worthy. Even if nobody knows Jimmy is gay, he knows that without knowing it they are looking down on him. And getting to the very top in his job is the best way he can proof, that he is just as worthy as any of them. And I think that’s the reason why Thomas always wanted to be a valet instead of a footman.

   2.2  Ed Speleers on the Telegraph: ”(…) He actually realizes that in order to succeed he’s got to keep in with Thomas, because Thomas is directly above him and a valet is what Jimmy aspires to be. He doesn’t know what the viewers know - and have known for the last two series.”

Here we go and this is where in my opinion we start to ‘feel with Thomas’ (Some article put it like that.). Probably Jimmy really realizes it just after he goes to O’Brien and thinks: “Well, I’ve got better chances, if I try to return Thomas’ affection.” So , yes, I think it is highly possible that Jimmy is using Thomas to climb up the job ladder. And Thomas thinks Jimmy does really love him. And you know what? I could even imagine that Jimmy falls for Thomas as well, and then feels bad about using him.

This could be the reason why we see Thomas crying in the Season3 promo. He thought he found love, and then he finds out Jimmy used him. But more likely is that it’s after he’s been outed by O’Brien(?); I also think it would hurt him even more, if his affection to JImmy was returned in any way. Maybe Jimmy is involved in outing him in order to become valet? Would be a dick move, but not impossible. It is also probable that Jimmy and O’Brien planned it to get rid of Thomas, and Jimmy realizes too late he is in love with him.   Really not sure about this scene yet, but I think it is related to Jimmy in one way o another.

3. Jimmy could be a “normal” straight man, who is just an ambitious asshole and really only plays with Thomas. But I think this is very, very unlikely. Nobody like that would look that hurt about Carson’s comment, also the “love affair” spoiler would miss, and it would be again a shitty storyline for Thomas about being used by (almost) all the men he was interested in (The Duke and Pamuk). And tbh, at that time, a straight man playing gay? Don’t think so. /This whole theory also works with Jimmy being indeed gay/bi, but I think both are stupid ways to solve this.

To sum it up in one sentence: I am very sure Jimmy is gay from what I’ve seen&read so far and that he is probably using it with Thomas to become successful at his job, all because he is realistic and knows how difficult it is for a gay man to be part of the society. Since we know that Thomas will be outed, I hope that even if Jimmy is to any part responsible for it, he at least fell in love with Thomas before, because I don’t think Jimmy is an ‘evil’ man, nor do I think that it would be a good idea to let the also the fourth of Thomas on-screen affections fail.

P.S.: Since this is already a ship and I’d like to add it to my OTP armada, I realized that it doesn’t have a name yet, and I vote for Thommy!


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