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Stannis is my king, Combeferre my husband, Margaery Tyrell my wife, and Fullmetal Alchemist my holy book.

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Downton Abbey fics?

Gosh, I need Downton fics! 

I know they exist.


Out there.

But I haven’t found many of my liking yet. Okay, I have only searched on AO3 yet.

If you have any nice ones bookmarked, could you let me know? Can be a lot, anything about Thomas, Robert and Cora, Edith and Anthony, Carson and Mrs Hughes… Just no uncanon pairings. : D Thanks in advance!

  1. tounge-like-electric answered: theres a ton of really good ones on fan fiction, just type it in to google :D
  2. indynerdgirl answered: 'Preferred Stock'… is a BRILLIANT Mary/Matthew modern AU :)
  3. kelsiesmagicgarden answered: I am actually writing a huge one, called ‘Such Good Luck’ with all of those people central chracters; espeically Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes. :)
  4. oneithersidetheriverlie answered: try fanfiction - downton abbey and you can put in any combo to search there are many enjoy
  5. doctorwho-lemontree answered: did you look on There are a lot there
  6. shana-rosee answered: fanfiction has a vast collect and 9.8/10 are written beautifully
  7. danishnerdess answered: try fanfiction dot net :)
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