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Sarlyne. INTP, German, 22, female, hopelessly romantic hobby artist, annoyed queer. Les Misérables and Game of Thrones are ruining my life, what else is new. I'm grumpy when I don't have people to talk to, I'm passionate about art, and I think I'm a great person.

Stannis is my king, Combeferre my husband, and whales are my spirit animals.

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I’m in hospital for some days and these are my companions in the otherwise empty bedroom. clarounette do you recognize them? ;)

Clegane lifted her to the ground. His white cloak was torn and stained, and blood seeped through a jagged tear in his left sleeve. "The little bird’s bleeding. Someone take her back to her cage and see to that cut."


"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

how on earth

I want to set a date in September for a week dedicated to Bishop Myriel; any suggestions?

He doesn’t get nearly enough love, although the first chapters are all about him and Napoleons makes him a bishop at page two already after exchanging only two sentences with him. If I could chose a guarding angel from all of time and space and fiction, it would be this total babe Myriel. Let’s appreciate the first character introduced in Les Misérables for one week okay?



Could someone translate this, please? <3

Quickly and not too well translated, but here goes: 

I actually didn’t catch what Poldi was screaming at the beginning. 

Reporter: Congratulations to you both, world champions. Bastian Schweinsteiger, world champion. Lukas Podolski, world champion. That’s something you have to somehow process first. 

Schweinsteiger: Absolutely. We can’t do that just yet. We’re enjoying this moment tremendously. Thanks to all of Germany for the support. We’ve felt it here how much you were behind us. I suppose there are going to be celebrations today everywhere, and… Luki, we’ll party hard [difficult to translate the idiom] tonight, right?

Podolski: Yeah, sure. I’ve just said it on the pitch, ten years ago we drove to the U21 national team by car. Now we’re standing here and have got the cup. Just amazing.

Reporter: And a kiss on the pitch?

Podolski: A kiss on the pitch, again. The revenge. And… yeah that’s what we’re playing football for. Thanks to all the people, the fans. We’re an amazing team, and it’s great fun to be playing here, and now we’ve accomplished what we’ve been working for. 

Reporter: You’re always looking onto the bottom of the cup. Is there something special? [explains that it’s the previous cup winners] Bastian, the wound under your eye is opening up again. It was more than a hard match, especially for you in the extra time. You’ve constantly taken a beating.

Schweinsteiger: Yeah but that’s simply a part of it. You’ve got to give your best. It’s a game you don’t get to play often in your life. And even if you’re in pain or get fouled you’ve got to go on. That’s something not only I’ve done but every single one of us and… incredible achievement. But… how the boys on the bench shared the thrill with us - I’ve never seen anything like it. It gives you so much power, and only because of that we’ve won this cup here. 

Reporter: When Sami Khedira dropped out before the match did you think you had to compensate even more now?

Schweinsteiger: No, Christoph has done a great job, he hasn’t played for long, though…

Reporter: We’ll let Christoph Kramer join us. Congratulations.

Kramer: Thank you. 

Schweinsteiger: [didn’t catch; warm up programme?] wasn’t much today. 

Reporter: Well done. Up until the check in the face. After that you were dizzy or what was going on?

Podolski: He’s already got a ball in the face during training. He was already gone then. And then the second time.

Kramer: I can’t remember that much, but… that doesn’t matter now. 

Reporter: But the ceremony?

Kramer: Yes. That I can still remember. 

Schweinsteiger: Can I greet someone? All right, here goes: To my parents, my brother, warm greetings. You’re the most important people. And big greetings to Munich. Party hard tonight. [Some square and quarter in Munich]

Poldiski: Doesn’t exist anymore in Munich. Cologne! Go party and take all Cologne apart. 

Reporter: Greetings to Solingen as well?

Kramer: No, I’ve got to send greetings to my grandma because it’s her birthday. I haven’t been able to reach her. She’s probably already asleep. So happy belated birthday, grandma. 

Schweinsteiger: And a very special greeting to a man without whom we all wouldn’t be here, and that’s Uli Hoeneß. Many thanks for your support, and we believe that all will be well and support you, too. Thank you. 

Q: can u stop posting about soccer



and … can you maybe learn how to blacklist? yes? thank you!image

Can we please have updates on Kramer’s head? I’m still worried about him.